Logo design
We play with the letters RN each day, representing many different things from  ‘Representative Narrative’, ‘Red Nutmeg’, ‘Really Nice’ to ‘Right Now’ productions.
The RN can also stand for Registered Nurse. Nurses are the backbone of society and help therapeutically listen to people’s stories when they are at their most vulnerable. It is with this in mind that the idea was sparked  - what if these stories came to life?
On the original registered nurse symbol, are two snakes wrapped around a stick which represents Aesclepius, the god of medicine. The snake is a powerful spirit animal which represents healing opportunities, important transitions/transformations and increased energy manifesting in your life. Many medicines are created from snake venom.  
Similarly, theatre can be healing and a place of great personal growth, symbolised by the healing snakes wrapping around and within the letters which stand for the Company.
RNP ‘s artistic purpose of producing both new and traditional theatre of meaning, has, at its core, the privilege of telling stories which enhance lives through understanding and with that comes hope and healing.
A theatre experience from RNP should not leave you unchanged.